Reader DIY: Eileen's Curvy Headboard Reader DIY: Eileen's Curvy Headboard

After a swift turn of events at our house, my recently reupholstered bed was moved to Heather's room and Michael and I bought a new fram...

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12:05 PM

Our Quick and Easy Outdoor Lighting Our Quick and Easy Outdoor Lighting

This post is part of an ongoing series presented by Lowe's. Never Stop Improving .  We're making some progress on the back yar...

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7:30 AM

Easy Envelope Pillows Easy Envelope Pillows

Did I tell you I finished reupholstering the black and white settee ? I love it. The pillows are recent additions too that I whipped togethe...

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11:25 AM

The Balcony Floor The Balcony Floor

With Labor Day right around the corner, we are trying to get the back yard in a better place so we can enjoy the last couple weeks of great ...

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11:26 AM

DIY Upholstered Walls DIY Upholstered Walls

This content series is in partnership with smartwater .  smartwater, simplicity is delicious.  Click here  to learn more. I think it's ...

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7:00 AM